Design is the beginning of everything.

Everything remarkable, beautiful, and functional starts with design.

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Design is about creation. It's about elevating human experiences by solving real problems.

Whether you're building powerful products or telling inspiring stories—design is everywhere.

Design is about people coming together to imagine new possibilities, bringing their unique selves into the process of creation.

Our mission

To inspire creativity and collaboration by empowering designers, storytellers, and everyone who wants to create something that can impact the world.


The future of design is inclusive

We believe designers create their best work with the freedom to design on their terms and the ability to bring other folks into their creative process.

Nila helps product teams across the world to simplify their design process and deliver the best experiences for their users.

We are Nila

A passionate and creative group of people who care deeply about design, and enjoy solving complex problems in simple ways.

  • Karthikeyan J
  • Jerome Joel
  • Praburaj Moorthy
  • Jagadeesan Krishnan
Karthikeyan J
Head of product

During his 17 years of leading product teams, Karthik noticed several challenges that came in the way of designing and shipping great products. That's when he came up with the idea for a platform that could simplify the way teams design together.

Jerome Joel
Lead product designer

As the first designer on a team designing a platform for designers, the one thing that inspires Jerome is his passion to shape the future of design. He spent over 7 years crafting interfaces for the mobile, Web, and mac before going on to lead the Nila design team.

Praburaj Moorthy
Engineering lead

Prabu comes with a decade of experience in developing presentation software for iOS, and found himself fascinated by the vision of building a powerful native platform where designers can create their best work. He currently works on leading a team of developers towards building Nila for Mac.

Jagadeesan Krishnan
Lead web developer

After his 9 years of engineering and product-building experience, Jagadeesan found himself intrigued by the problems in design collaboration and hand off. He now drives our engineering efforts towards building Nila as a platform that will redefine the digital design process.


Can't wait to bring
Nila to you.